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Changing Host = ""

Default: ""


Changing Port

Raze.config.port = 3000

Default: 7777


Determines the environment. Raze recognizes "development", "test", and "production". It is determined by the CRYSTAL_ENV environemt variable (if set), but defaults to "development".

Changing Environment

Raze.config.env = "production"

Default: "development"


Determines whether Raze should write any output to STDOUT or STDERR.

Changing Logging

Raze.config.logging = false

Default: true


Determines whether to enable compression (like GZIP)

Changing Compression

Raze.config.compress = false

Default: true

Always Rescue

Determines whether Raze should always rescue any errors.

Changing Rescuing

Raze.config.always_rescue = false

Default: true

Static Directory

Determines the root directory for all static assets.

Changing Static Directory

Raze.config.static_dir = "./public"

Default: "./static"

Static Indexing

Determines whether to index all of the static assets at startup. Raze will just remember the paths to the assets and not the assets themselves, so it should not use much memory. For more info, see Static Files.

Changing Static Indexing

Raze.config.static_indexing = false

Default: true

Static Directory Listing

Determines whether to show the directory listing if requesting a static folder.

Changing Environment

Raze.config.static_dir_listing = true

Default: false

Dynamic Static-Directories

See Static Files: Dynamic Static-Directories

TLS/SSL Cert and Key